Friday, January 18, 2013

You can't trust everything you see...

A few years ago, I wrote a book - Effective Oracle by Design.  Oracle Press really wanted my photo on the book and I really didn't want it.  So they went around me and asked Oracle Magazine for the head shot they had and were using for the print column back then.  Unbeknownst to Oracle Press - that head shot was a photoshop job.  It was my head, someone else's body.  I never did find out whose body it was - but it was definitely not me.  If you have the book and look really close - you can see the line on my neck where they slid my head on.

I just got the latest issue of Oracle Magazine and lo and behold - they've done it again.  My column has a new picture of me on the intro page, one that I've never seen before - but only because it never happened in real lift.  Again - it is my head from a shot I recognize, but on someone else's body - not just neck and shoulders this time - but the full body!

This time - I know where the body came from.  In an effort to make people as unproductive as possible - I'm going to offer up a challenge.  If you can point me to the source of the body shot on the internet, I'll send you a copy of Expert Oracle Database Architecture - 3rd edition when it comes out (which will be a while, sometime in 2013 - I'm not starting the edits on it until the next release of the database is official).

In order to play - supply a link to the source body here in the comments.  Make sure to use an identifiable username (do not use anonymous) or identify yourself in some way in the comment.  If you are the first to get it right - I'll post a comment myself stating so and ask you to email me so I can get your contact information (so you'll have to check back every now and then).  When the book is printed, I'll send you a signed copy. table 42 :))))))