Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A blog...

I am sometimes very easily amused. My son Alan sent me a link to a blog and said "pretty funny". So, I read the one article he linked to and just had to go back and read the entire thing from start to finish. Very rare to read a blog from the beginning to the end to catch up - but I'm into this one.

My Crazy Roommate...

It was all the funnier to me because in the years 1991-1993, I lived in a "communal" house when I was consulting in New Jersey (commuting from Virginia, a mere 168 mile one way trip). I had roommates and one of them - well - let us say he was not very different from "P" in this blog.

To borrow from the My Crazy Roommate blog format, this happened once. We had been living together for six months in a rented house. The housing market was a bit slow during this period of time, so we were renting a very nice house. There were four of us in this particular one. One night in January one of the four of us walked into the family room from outside where we were all sitting - in a robe, dripping wet (it gets pretty darn cold in New Jersey in January). Conversation goes like this (YK is our "P")

YK: oh, you are wet

DB: yes, I was in the hot-tub

YK: hot-tub, we have a hot-tub?

TK: Ummm, have you looked on the deck before?

YK: yes, of course

TK: that big wooden thing out there, it is circular, with a lid on it....

YK: what is it?

DB: that would be a hot-tub

YK: hot-tub, we have a hot-tub?

Oh, the memories I have of YK. "P" reminded me of YK in many ways...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Soa whata...

SOA facts everyone needs to know...


What do you really know...

I stumbled on this quiz this morning - it was interesting..  I did ok:


It is good to know I am 'technologically useful' :)  I liked the concept because it reminded me of a sci-fi book I read once (that I cannot for the life of me remember the title/author to - maybe someone reading this will have read the same book and can remind me, I really liked the story...)  The concept of the book was that a very advanced space craft was found in the desert.  When we got into it - there were some mummified remains, of humans.  Basically, the earth was populated human wise by the survivors.  But, if that were true and this ship was so advanced (meaning the people were technologically advanced) why didn't we get a big jump start in technology?  The reasoning - you need a large critical mass of people in order to be as advanced as we are now.  No one knows everything about anything - if you didn't have the mass of people building on each others work - it would all fall apart, rapidly.

It seems likes to be true, if you ask me. 

Friday, July 06, 2007

Can you spell...

SQL Injection... This is so sad, it makes you want to cry...  And this isn't from a "small company" with "limited resources" either.

 please don't sql inject us, don't use words like drop, select, insert, update, delete and so on. Pretty please.

Eh, it'll probably work, that layer of security.


Sunday, July 01, 2007


Cannot live without it, cannot live with it sometimes. 

I was on vacation last week and normally I pull the plugs on many things before I leave for a week.  This time, I forgot.  And that was really bad timing.

When I came back - I found we had a powerful thunderstorm come through town while I was away.  Half of the breakers had tripped and all of the GFP plugs tripped.  After resetting everything, I found that three of the plugs were in fact not just tripped but fried, to a nice golden brown color:


So, many plugs in the house were taken out by the storm.  Not only that but the surge that must have hit jumped over the surge protectors and took out:

  • A printer
  • Pair of speakers
  • Laptop computer
  • Desktop computer
  • 3 of 4 ports on my router

So, now I have new printer (got a network printer so I didn't need to replace the computers for sharing it as well), a new set of speakers and my wireless router uplinked to another old router via the one functioning port.

And - some of the non-GFP plugs were fried as well...  That takes out those circuits.  Waiting for an electrician to come and replace them all (and make sure everything is OK).

At least the air conditioning still works :)